It is soon time to celebrate our beloved 25 year old guild OLTO by anniversary party. The anniversary ball are OLTO’s biggest and most dignified party of where OLTO members gather together with guests with special invitation and alumnus. The anniversary ball is held only every fifth year, so you don’t want to miss this party!

The party is held on Saturday 27.10.2018 in Raatti YMCA (Raatintie 7, 90100 Oulu). The day starts with a cocktail-event for the invited guests. The main celebration (academic table party) starts at 18:00, which is followed by more casual after party at place X, the ride to the after party is arranged from the main celebration. The party program is in Finnish. The following morning there is a “herring breakfast” at Walhalla (Jaalakuja 1, 90500 Oulu) from 12:00 onwards, where you can come to reminiscence last night’s events and hang out in the jacuzzi. The dinner card costs 80 € and herring breakfast 10 €. Dresscode for Saturday is white tie/ dark suit with decorations (for ladies meaning full evening dress) and for Sunday is whatever you happen to wear then.

The registration for invited guests is 10.9.-24.9. OLTO members and their plus-ones can registerate starting on 25.9. at 12:00. Your plus-one does not have to be OLTO member but it is important for them to also fill the registration form. The registration closes in 12.10. Remember to register early to make sure you get a spot on this spectacular event!


The form is in Finnish so if you need help with translation or you have problems with registration, please feel free to message us (linda.rantamaa(at)